6 Exercises to Keep You in Shape (Designed by Scout)

Staying physically fit and active is essential for you to have a healthy life and if you are also aspiring to become a good scout leader. Being fit is important as it can prepare you for the coming challenges. When a Scout is physically fit, he is mentally keen and alert.
Do you want to be build muscles, have stronger core and stay in shape?

Here are the 6 exercises that you should follow that will surely keep you in shape:

bearcrawl-the-21-exercises-from-the-get-ripped-anywhere-outdoor-series-0jpg-4905f6716d4073b9Bear Crawl

Bear crawl is considered to be one of the best exercise routines if you want to have a chiseled core. This is an abs workout that has variations and is also known as a “flow complex”. You do this exercise routine for 7 minutes without any rest. Bear crawl can test your strength, stamina and coordination in so many ways that you have never imagined. So you can also expect a burn all throughout the exercise routine.

Esquat-jump-628x363xplosive Jump

For an explosive power and strength, there is explosive jump exercise. This exercise is different as it is a powerful exercise that increases your vertical jump. By doing this exercise, you can further improve the core of your body and also your lower body.

feet-elevated-pushupFeet Elevated Pushup

Pushups have always been part of strength and core training exercise. For scouts, one of the best exercise routines to make you physically fit is the feet elevated pushup. This is one of the variations of the usual pushups. Lie on the floor with your face down and your hands (36 inches apart) as you hold your torso. Put your toes on a flat surface. Gently press your upper body to go back up by using your pectoral muscles. Squeeze your chest whenever you the pushup.

flutter-kicksFlutter Kicks

Scouts need to be alert and active. As such, you do not just develop your stamina and core. You also need to have strong legs. This exercise features an up and down movement of your legs. Lie on your back and make sure that your legs are straight. Put your arms on the side. Lift the heel of your feet (6 inches) and do the scissor-like movement where your feet moves up and down.

walking-lungeWalking Lunge

Lunges can increase the strength the muscles of your legs and lower body. Start by standing with your feet with shoulder width apart. Your hands should be one your hips. Then start, moving forward with just one leg as you flex your knees. Keep your posture upright and do this to the other leg as well.

scissor-kicksScissor Kicks

Scissor kick is a good exercise to develop your core muscles and legs. Like on your back. Your legs should be side by side. Put your hands on your hand and start lifting your head as well as your shoulder blades. As you get to squeeze your lower back, tuck in your pelvis. Do this position all throughout the exercise.

By doing these regular exercises, you can definitely stay in shape that makes you a healthier person. Keep on doing the following exercises for you make your body physically fit. You can also couple this set with other exercise routines to further increase your core, stamina and other parts of the body.

Santa Ynez Valley Rotary Club

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Our Rotary Club has awarded 3 Paul Harris Fellowship awards in the last 2 weeks. The recipients are, members Rich Saferite-second Paul Harris Award; Betty Johnston-second Paul Harris Award and Bertha Foxen.

CONGRATULATIONS to Rich, Betty and Bertha!

A gift of US $1,000 enables The Rotary Foundation to fund projects and programs which improve and invigorate the lives of people around the world and enhance international friendship and understanding. Here are examples of what The Rotary Foundation can do with US$1,000

Purchase mattresses, pillows, and blankets for 100 homeless children in an orphanage in Bangladesh;
Establish 10 small sewing businesses to provide severely poor mothers in low-income districts of Caborca, Mexico with the ability to lead self-sufficient lives and contribute to their community;
Contribute carpentry tools to a vocational training workshop for 300 deaf youths in The Gambia;
Provide artificial limbs for 25 disabled persons in Calcutta, India;
Establish a tree in Jamaica that will annually produce 5,000 tree seedlings and increase family income for 700 farmers;
Provide materials and training in beekeeping to 40 young people in Mali;
Furnish all materials necessary for construction of a deep borewell in India which supplies clean drinking water to more than 300 people;
Purchase a cow for a war-widow in Uganda, where Civil War has shattered the economy and children have died because of lack of protein and calcium in their diets.
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The members of our team are.… Richard Barca, Joe Dugan, Bertha Foxen, Jeff Little, Dr. Ken Nash, Greg Pensa and Gary Schoen. So far this season we are 4 – 0.
Here are the names of the teams we’ve played and beaten: High Ballers, Sports Barn Revival, City Slickers and La Bocce Vista. Our last 2 games will be against the “Bocce Queens & Jesters” on October 20th and “Bocce Buds” on October 27th.
Bocce Ball is an easy game to learn but has a lot of strategy. The object is to get the red or green balls (4 of each color) as close to the small colored ball called a Pallino, to get points.
Our team beat the Bocce Queens & Jesters on October 20th. They are now undefeated at 5 - 0!
Our Bocce team played its last game of the season, and it was no pushover match. The team we played consisted of 6 females, versus our all male squad.
The first game they were all “demure and girlishly sweet”. We beat them 10 to 5 and Boy, did their demeanor change! In game 2 they used distracting warfare by doing cheers and shaking their pom-poms. (Joe became so overheated we had to replace him). The game was “nip & tuck” up to the last point but we prevailed by a score of 10 to 9. So we came in first place and remained UNDEFEATED!
Great Season, Team!!
P.S. Thanks to the “The Heckler” (A.K.A. Rich Saferite) for both his moral and immoral support!
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Santa Ynez Valley Rotary Club presented a donation to SYV Boy Scout Troop 41 on August 24, 2016. This donation will go to purchasing camping equipment for the troop to use again and again. Brad Hinnrichs, Troop Committee Chair said, “Our troop is growing larger. This donation will really help more Scouts get out into nature to learn about helping the environment and conserving the resources for future generations”. Mike Limotta club Youth/Vocational chair stated: “Both of my sons are Boy Scouts in fellow Troop 42 and the experience they have gained from Scouting will influence their entire lives”.
For information about Santa Ynez Valley Rotary Club, go to website: www.santaynezvalleyrotary.org/ . For information on joining Boy Scout Troop 41 please contact: David Watkins (Scoutmaster Troop 41) 805-688-0065.

Pictured L to R, Jeff Little, Club President; Brad Hinnrichs, Troop 41 Committee Chair; and Mike Limotta, Club Youth-Vocational Chair.
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A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors for our 22nd. Annual 4th. of July Festival and Fireworks extravaganza. It was a resounding success thanks to the kindness and generosity of or Community! Special thanks to: Firestone Walker Brewery Co., Pacific Beverage Co. and Knight Broadcasting! They donated Beer, Wine and Radio Advertising.
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Scouting in the Santa Ynez Valley Since 1924


Cub Scouts (ages 7 to 10)

Pack 41: based at the Presbyterian Church in Ballard, meets at 7pm on the third Thursday of the month. Contact Jacque Wagstaffe at 688-0628 or Dan Tagles at 688-8717.

Pack 42: based at Oak Valley School in Buellton and meets at 7pm on the first Monday of the month. Call Lori Weitz at 688-1682.

Boy Scouts (ages 11 to 17)

Troop 41: meets at the Presbyterian Church in Ballard at 7pm on Mondays; contact Laura Andreas at 693-9102 or Steve Oaks at 350-1326.

Troop 42: meets at Jonata School in Buellton at 7pm on Mondays; call Chuck Chuck Sorensen at 688-4171, campers above the age of 18 will be given to choose a knife from one of these the fishing knife reviews. Please keep in mind that there will be no exceptions made. You have to be above 18 to get one.

Troop 46: meets at the LDS Church in Solvang on Wednesdays at 7pm; contact Scott Saunders at 688-2911.