6 Exercises to Keep You in Shape (Designed by Scout)

Staying physically fit and active is essential for you to have a healthy life and if you are also aspiring to become a good scout leader. Being fit is important as it can prepare you for the coming challenges. When a Scout is physically fit, he is mentally keen and alert.
Do you want to be build muscles, have stronger core and stay in shape?

Here are the 6 exercises that you should follow that will surely keep you in shape:

bearcrawl-the-21-exercises-from-the-get-ripped-anywhere-outdoor-series-0jpg-4905f6716d4073b9Bear Crawl

Bear crawl is considered to be one of the best exercise routines if you want to have a chiseled core. This is an abs workout that has variations and is also known as a “flow complex”. You do this exercise routine for 7 minutes without any rest. Bear crawl can test your strength, stamina and coordination in so many ways that you have never imagined. So you can also expect a burn all throughout the exercise routine.

Esquat-jump-628x363xplosive Jump

For an explosive power and strength, there is explosive jump exercise. This exercise is different as it is a powerful exercise that increases your vertical jump. By doing this exercise, you can further improve the core of your body and also your lower body.

feet-elevated-pushupFeet Elevated Pushup

Pushups have always been part of strength and core training exercise. For scouts, one of the best exercise routines to make you physically fit is the feet elevated pushup. This is one of the variations of the usual pushups. Lie on the floor with your face down and your hands (36 inches apart) as you hold your torso. Put your toes on a flat surface. Gently press your upper body to go back up by using your pectoral muscles. Squeeze your chest whenever you the pushup.

flutter-kicksFlutter Kicks

Scouts need to be alert and active. As such, you do not just develop your stamina and core. You also need to have strong legs. This exercise features an up and down movement of your legs. Lie on your back and make sure that your legs are straight. Put your arms on the side. Lift the heel of your feet (6 inches) and do the scissor-like movement where your feet moves up and down.

walking-lungeWalking Lunge

Lunges can increase the strength the muscles of your legs and lower body. Start by standing with your feet with shoulder width apart. Your hands should be one your hips. Then start, moving forward with just one leg as you flex your knees. Keep your posture upright and do this to the other leg as well.

scissor-kicksScissor Kicks

Scissor kick is a good exercise to develop your core muscles and legs. Like on your back. Your legs should be side by side. Put your hands on your hand and start lifting your head as well as your shoulder blades. As you get to squeeze your lower back, tuck in your pelvis. Do this position all throughout the exercise.

By doing these regular exercises, you can definitely stay in shape that makes you a healthier person. Keep on doing the following exercises for you make your body physically fit. You can also couple this set with other exercise routines to further increase your core, stamina and other parts of the body.

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